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Sep 23, 2015 · We have improved the connector in this release to remove this restriction, so now users can get data from any SharePoint list in any site (SharePoint 2013 or newer) regardless of the site language. Note that SharePoint 2010 sites continue to work but still expose the same language limitation, as this is a change available only in newer versions ...

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In Power BI Report Server, although I can browse the report properly in Power BI Desktop. But when I tried to browse the newly published report from the Power BI Web Portal, I got the below error: We couldn’t connect to the Analysis Services server. Make sure you’ve entered the connection string correctly. Nov 01, 2020 · Now, Power BI users have access to all the Power BI Premium capabilities, on a per user basis, for the entire public preview period for free. The public preview of Power BI Premium per user has been enabled in all public tenants that requested priority access, and will be rolling out to all tenants worldwide throughout the month of November.

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1. SharePoint List. 2. SAP HANA connection in Direct Query mode . Per my understanding, SharePoint list does not require a gateway. However, once I added the HANA source in direct query mode, PBI service is requesting for a gateway. I understand that a gateway is required for the HANA source.Parameters aren't good choice in this case. Using the API you can change their values, but these values are stored in the report itself and all users, who opens these reports, will be affected by the parameter value changes.

May 13, 2020 · The Power Query Machine & Power BI. Well, it can’t exactly make cookies, but Power Query is a pretty awesome tool! It will save you a ton of time when transforming your data. Power Query is just one piece of the suite of Power BI (Business Intelligence) products from Microsoft. To do this Microsoft has introduced Power Query (on tool of the Power BI suite). Power Query can be used to extract, transform and load data into Excel and/or Power Pivot directly. When using any data you usually know what the data looks like and what to expect from certain columns – e.g. a value is delivered as a number, a text contains ... I have 2 Queries in Power BI. one is Import and the other is Direct Query. I was looking at the Advance Editor for both queries. they both look exactly the same, no difference what do ever. How can I change Import query to become Direct Query from the Advanced editor? Import query script. let Source = Sql.Database("DSServer", "DSDB", [Query ...