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do to make your shot is dial the elevation turret to #1 MOA Up (four 1/4 minute clicks “up”). After the shot, simply return the elevation turret to “0” to be right back to your original

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Nov 06, 2007 · Fire one shot. Then, return the gun to the exact position it was when you pulled the trigger, with the cross-hair centered on the target as before. 2. Locate, in the scope, where your first bullet landed on the target. Now, while you grip the rifle firmly so it doesn’t move, have a friend adjust the turrets on your scope.

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I regretted my purchase after seeing the quality of this turret, the weapon is not physgunable, it means that you will have trouble adding things like an infrared or a laser on it. The gunfire is too close to the ground and does not come from the gun and I can not find any line of code to correct this problem.And, for cloudy days, you get push-button illumination on a reticle that’s already intuitive and easy to use. What really pushes the Razor HD LHT into “must-have” territory is the locking elevation turret, and Vortex’s exclusive RevStop Zero System, which gives you a rock-solid return to zero so you can dial as much as you need to.